Our recruitment consultants are in tune with the market.

They use their extensive networks, our database, and a variety of social networks, to identify who’s available for permanent work.

Because PLACE has a strong reputation in the market, many candidates, contractors and employers stay in touch with our consultants. As a result, we often know at an early stage when top talent is becoming available.

It all adds up to us being aware of what’s happening, and always being ready to present employers with the best people.

Your PLACE recruitment consultant will

  • Act as a single, confidential point of contact, responsible for all your recruitment needs.
  • Follow our 4Step Recruitment Methodology to ensure we only represent candidates who display a close match with the skills and objectives you are seeking.
  • Send you a detailed report on each candidate including their original CV to enable you to short list your preferred candidates.
  • Fully brief candidates on your workplace and the role.
  • Co-ordinate interviews, assessments, probity checks, if required.
  • Give you access to market information that may impact on your recruitment process.

PLACE technology

We operate a multi-user relational database that helps us to accurately profile, select and keep in touch with candidates and contractors.

Your recruitment consultant will maintain a full record of your job profiles and other relevant information. So they’ll always be ready to respond to your recruitment needs — fast.

PLACE services for employers

  • Permanent hiring. Whatever the specific needs of the role, and the unique characteristics of your workplace, we can help search for and identify strong candidates.
  • Screening. Regardless of whether the role is permanent or interim everyone we present will have been rigorously assessed to establish a sound match. Before we begin the recruitment campaign, we will discuss your particular requirements to ensure every CV we send matches your needs.
  • High profile advertising. Our respected brand adds to the impact of our online and print recruitment advertising. All our advertising is placed electronically, ensuring high profile, accurate and timely placement. Advertising on the internet is generally included in our fee. If a more extensive campaign is needed, for example to attract candidates with scarce skills, you will have access to the very favourable rates we have negotiated with our media supplier partners.