The aim of presenting a CV is to secure an interview. So be sure yours clearly shows all your relevant skills and experience. Before submitting your application, review the job description and update your CV to suit.

  • Be clear and concise. Aim to keep your CV to five or fewer pages. Be concise in your communication. When you refer to projects or assignments, include the positive outcomes.
  • Introduce yourself. Write an opening paragraph to introduce yourself and what you offer the employer. Write in the first person and try to avoid the overuse of the word “I”.
  • Employment history. Ensure that your employment history lists the most recent position first, and looks back from there. For each position, list: organisation; job title; description of your duties; skills used and gained; and any achievements or awards.
  • Ensure there are no gaps. If for instance, you’ve had time unemployed, on extended holiday, or at home with children, say so.
  • List your qualifications. List all your qualifications, with the most recent first. Include results and grades if possible.
  • Summarise your skills. Include technical and non-technical skills. If you have extensive technical skills, include a skills summary, perhaps noting your level of expertise in this area.
  • Keep it professional. And do list your personal interests as many employers are keen to see the well-rounded person, and are keen to see that you have interests outside of work that others in the team may share.
  • Employer references. State that references are available upon request. Do not provide individual contact names until specifically requested to do so.
  • Check. Carefully check your completed CV for facts, spelling and grammar. Ask someone else to check it for you and then check it again!
  • Formatting. If you’ll be emailing your CV, first send it to yourself and print it out to make sure it doesn’t lose formatting. Remove anything which may mean it’s sent to a junk email folder.
  • Include key words. To ensure your name appears when we do a database search for potential applicants, make sure your CV includes key words and phrases. When you register with PLACE, ask one of our consultants to recommend relevant key words. That way you’ll maximize your chance of being shortlisted.