Whether you have completed numerous contracting assignments, or are considering your first, PLACE will help you secure the right position.

Once you’ve done so, we will continue to offer support, both for your immediate role and your longer-term career.

We work with many leading employers, and are responsible for placing contractors into a diverse range of short and long term roles. We are recognised in the market as being a ‘go to place’ for IT contracting.

Our recruitment consultants are connected with the IT job market. By staying in touch with them on an ongoing basis, you’ll know that your name is in the mix when an opportunity arises.

Your PLACE recruitment consultant will

  • Act as a single, confidential point of contact.
  • Only put you forward for assignments with your knowledge and consent.
  • Brief you about prospective workplaces, and contract assignments.
  • Interview you and confirm your specific technical skills for the position(s). They will also confirm expected remuneration and scope of the position(s).
  • Forward your details for roles where there’s a close match between your skills and objectives, and those the employer is seeking.
  • Fully brief you on the organisation and the role prior to any interview you may secure.

You will need to

  • Prepare and present yourself for the interview at the predetermined time and place.
  • Keep in touch and advise if your circumstances change.
  • Determine your preferred trading structure (if you don’t already have one), and sign a contract agreement with PLACE which may be customised for your assignment.
  • If you’re not successful first time, with your consent we will retain your CV on our database and contact you when a suitable opportunity arises.

PLACE technology

We operate a multi-user relational database that helps us to accurately profile, select and manage candidates and contractors.

With your consent, your recruitment consultant will have your details on-hand. So they’ll always be ready identify employment opportunities that may be of interest.